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RECONDITION | Ultra Fine Polishing Compound

RECONDITION | Ultra Fine Polishing Compound


So you’ve decided to remove the tank strap from your bike, or noticed a few “snap scratches” on the tank. Oh wait! You washed your car at the coin wash right after the last guy finished washing his 4X and left a bunch mud and dirt in the wash brush for you.


We know, things happen. Lots of times, it can be corrected. Sometimes it can’t. If you’re looking at correcting minor blemishes, scratches, or restoring color and clarity from oxidation to your finish, Recondition can help bring pride back to your ride.


This ultra fine polishing compound is designed for use by hand, or with an orbital DA polisher. And while it will helps to correct issues, it also leaves the finish without protection. The polishing action in Recondition will polish away any protective wax currently on the finish, so follow up with a fine finishing wax, like Reinforce (our personal favorite) or Revive (the sort of do-it-all cream wax of the bunch). 


Using Recondition:

  1. Use on a cool, clean surface in a shady area.
  2. Shake it very well.
  3. Apply to the surface with your favorite applicator, like a clean soft terry cloth towel or applicator if going at it by hand, or a foam fine grade or finishing pad for DA Polishers.
  4. Use small, overlapping circular motions, working the wax over the surface. For DA Polishers, we recommend slow to medium speeds.
  5. Allow the wax to set for a few minutes to a light haze.
  6. Wipe off with a clean, soft, microfiber towel. Turn the towel to a clean area and buff off completely.
  7. Follow up with Reinforce or Revive for a beautiful, waxed finish.
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