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REMOVE | Wheel & Tire Cleaner

REMOVE | Wheel & Tire Cleaner


Your wheels and tires are under constant siege from all sides: brake dust, road grime, ferrous metals and just about a thousand other nasty things they roll through on a daily basis. Remove helps make the job of getting rid of the nasties quick and easy on your clear coated, factory painted and chrome wheels. 


It breaks down these residues using smart chemistry instead of caustic acids and leaves your wheels and tires clean. If your wheels are going to take the abuse, at least give them a good cleaning on wash day. Use Remove and wash the nasties away.


Using Remove:

  1. Spray wheel and tire with water.
  2. Spray entire surface of the wheel and tire with Remove.
  3. Allow it to sit for about one minute, then agitate with soft wheel brush or soft clean cloth.
  4. Spray immediately with water and wonder in amazement at the cleanliness.
  5. Note: Never use the same cloth to clean wheels and other areas of your vehicle, like painted surfaces and windows. The nasties clinging to your wheels may cross-contaminate and embed themselves in other surfaces.


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