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Official Entry into The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon

"Funny thing about motorcycles, when you get one, you want two. When you get two, you want ten. Then one day you have ten motorcycles. You start to think about how to combine all of them into one bike. Not literally combine the parts into one, but take all the knowledge you have accumulated and build a machine that encompasses your vision of the ideal bike. The ONE motorcycle."

The One Motorcycle show has grown from humble, localized roots in Portland Oregon into a world-acclaimed builder's showcase in just a few years. Thanks to the efforts of Thor Drake and the See See Motorcycles crew, the quality of the show continues to outdo itself. This year saw an increase in custom entries, sponsor booths, and overall attendance. Walking the show on a Sunday morning took a certain level of commitment — squeezing between seasoned pros and wide-eyed newcomers crowding the rows of the abandoned Pickle Factory warehouse.

A Stunning Custom at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon

If the bikes on display shared any one trait, it was individuality. Each piece spoke to the owner's spirit, reflecting history, influences, and intention. From beautifully restored vintage motocross bikes out of the Fox family's collection, to ground-up chopper customs, to Deus Ex Machina's latest build, passion was clearly on display.

Fan Favorites at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon

The sheer size of the show (not to mention the crowd) was a bit overwhelming, but it seems to be one of those things that comes into focus over time, like most great rides. After spending time away from it, you can look back from a new perspective and realize: damn, that was worth every second. The One Show planted the seed exactly like it was supposed to. It had us itching to get back in the garage, get some grease under our fingernails, and figure out what our One really is. Finished bike or not, we'll be back next year, Pabst in one hand and camera in the other.

Man Prays At The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon
Official Entry into The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon



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