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Prep is the one product everyone should have on their shelf. When performing our

original R&D of Prep, the intent was to build an outstanding lubricant to effectively

prepare the paint surface with the contaminant exfoliatIon pad. We knew exactly what

was needed — the ideal lubricity. Too little lubrication wouldn’t allow the exfoliation pad

to move smoothly across the surface, and too much lubrication won’t allow enough

friction for the pad to do its job, to remove embedded contaminants from paint, glass,

and other surfaces.


We also wanted to build Prep without the use of silicones or waxes. We developed

Slide with wax and a sealant to be used as a one-step solution, and it’s great. But we

made PREP as the ideal solution to use if we wanted to apply a coat of wax following

the decontamination, or if our vehicle needed some other paint correction that may

require compound or polish before wax. And that’s what makes Prep the ideal solution.

It’s an extraordinary cleaner and instant detailer with the ideal amount of lubrication for

our revolutionary Exfoliation Pad (that makes clay bars a thing of the past), and it’s

perfect for virtually any exterior surface. Like we said - put one on the shelf.


We’re often asked the question about cleaning matte paint and other surfaces; the

answer is always Prep. It’s a proven winner in the fight against fingerprints, oils and

grime when your looking to clean your matte or satin finishes. Great for use on helmets,

tanks, hoods, stripes, rims, and just about anything else you throw at it. Whatever the

surface sheen, it cleans and enhances.

So if it’s glossy, it enhances the gloss inherent in the paint; if it’s matte, it enhances the

finish by pulling out the impurities that have adhered to it, like oily fingerprints. Note: the

Exfoliation Pad can only be used on glossy surfaces; use on matte or satin surfaces will

likely ruin the finish. If you’re working with matte finishes, simply use Prep and a

microfiber towel.

If you don’t have Prep in your kit, it’s time to pick it up. Or, talk to us about your specific

application and we’ll recommend a solution that’ll make your machine shine better and

easier than ever before.



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