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Raised on a set of wheels and our grandfather’s ideals.


Riding the line between state-of-the-art polymer technology and good old-fashioned elbow grease, we produce a full line of professional-level care products for your family of machines. Everything we create is designed to Restore, Protect and Maintain your ride whether it’s a showworthy ’65 GTO or a Trail 90 barn find that’s starting to show its age.


Our belief is that every machine out there is a reflection not only of its owner, but of the love and attention put into it. This is for everyone who puts in the time to make ‘em shine.

Vintage photo of discovering the thrills of Dad's skiboat.
Hucking the Toyota truck in our younger years.
Sitting on Dad's vintage Triumph with a shit-eating grin.

Our goal is to help you achieve maximum RPM: so we provide products that help you Restore your machines with polishes and paint correctors, Protect them with waxes and sealers, and Maintain them with washes, dressings, and finishing products.


The chemical makeup of our products is designed to work specifically for automotive paints, marine-grade finishes, and motorcycle surfaces — with many of them being able to cross categories easily. Beyond your major machines, we've found some secret uses for our toolboxes, power washers, bicycles, and tons of other garage toys.

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Premium Clean For Your Family Of Machines
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