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ALL METAL | Restoration Cream

ALL METAL | Restoration Cream

It’s not just a clever name - it’s really outstanding on all metals. We grew up polishing metal. Not for fun, but because if the motor didn’t look good enough, Dad wouldn’t launch the boat. Needless to say, lots and lots of raw aluminum and chrome in our past. And we’re kind of embarrassed to say that now we just do it for fun - thanks, Dad.
The metal polishes we grew up with worked well, but were sometimes too aggressive for some of the metals we were working with, so getting into brass fittings and some smooth sided polished aluminums was tricky. We likely ruined a scoop or two.  All Metal was researched extensively and engineered with the ideal combination of abrasion and smart chemistry to clean and polish metals of all kinds. It works so well that Lord Helmet would call it Ludicrous Metal. Look him up.
Some of what we’ve found:
Removes minor rust and corrosion from chrome and other metals.
Removes oxidation from aluminum.
Removed a lifetime of acidic lemon juice residue and stains from copper plated motorcycle engine cases - seriously! We have pics.
Takes off road crap (technical term) and environmental contaminants (marketer's term) that will cause corrosion on metals and chrome if not addressed.
Cleans foggy, yellowed headlights. Who knew?!? We did.
Makes metals look and feel generally awesome.
Oh! and leaves a protective wax finish so that nasty caustic contaminants have a tougher time causing issues between polishes.

Using All Metal:
Not required, but take before and after pictures because most people won’t believe you when you tell them how great it works.
Use on a cool, clean surface in a shady area.
Shake well.
Apply to the surface with your favorite applicator. For us, it’s a clean soft terry cloth towel. Terry sometimes works better than microfiber here because it has a little more bite to it.
Work the polish into the surface in a back and forth motion. You may notice that resistance against your towel becomes less apparent. It’s doing it’s job. If you are working with raw aluminum, you will notice the applicator turns black. The black is actually the oxidation on the aluminum coming off. 
Allow the polish to sit for a minute or so and wipe the surface clean with a clean, soft microfiber towel, turning frequently.
Repeat if necessary, but be careful. You could end up liking the results so much that, like us, it will become more fun than work.
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